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For my video I wanted to go in a different direction than the audio assignment. I wanted to make the video about me and my twin cousins because we basically grew up as triplets.

To start I want to show my mom and her twin sister (aunt Kim) and Kim’s twin daughters (Alisha and Chanelle) all in the same shot while introducing them.  My mom and aunt are fraternal twins, while my cousins are identical, so it’s interesting to see them all together.

next I want to have Alisha tell a story she remembers well from when we were growing up and Chanelle tell a story as well.

We did gymnastics for so long together that I wanted to add in a clip of us tumbling together.  Alisha tore her ACL and can’t participate in that shot so it will just be two of us.

Alisha’s story is about a turtle we dropped down a laundry shoot when we were 3 years old to see if it could fly, spoiler alert, it didn’t… So I want to reenact that scene with a stuffed animal turtle to add a little humor to the sad story.

I’m not exactly sure how I want to end it, but I’m thinking about doing a little photo montage with music showing us growing up?

for the final cut I ended up putting in shots of just my self narrating what was coming next.  For the ending I decided to match our tumbling scene up with dramatic music and fading that out into picture of us all grown up today.  One of the pictures includes our best friend as well (who we also grew up doing gymnastics with)

Over all I just added narrative clips and made some shorter (and I pulled the volume down Calvin! 🙂 for the final video.  I ended up not reenacting the turtle scene because they don’t have the same house and I just couldn’t find another setting that looked quite right.

rough drafts of video

well in the meantime… here’s the story in the correct format

video story board