For this project, I interviewed my grandma and grandpa, my parents, my older sister Shamara (her newborn daughter Abagail also puts a word in), my older brother Kyle, my younger sister Brenna and my boyfriend.  (Oh my dog “speaks” on command so I had to put his input in there too!) I figured they are the ones that have known me longest and have to most detailed interesting stories about me.  I asked each of them to describe me in three words and to tell a story they remember best about me, or a memory they have with me.  As for the three describing words, I decided to mix and mash them all together to get a different, hopefully more intriguing, effect.  I put two of the same word from different people back to back to kind of show that that particular word was a popular one that best describes me.  The story about me throwing temper tantrums for no apparent reason was a popular story and told by almost every one, but I decided to only put it in once.  My mom had a TON of stories and was way too eager to tell them ALL! I had to cut her off 😉 To conclude it I added in one of my favorite songs at the end and faded it in and out.