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rough draft

Alright, here is my rough draft. I am having trouble getting it to 4 minutes but it’s getting there.  I thought this assignment was actually kind of fun hearing what people have to say about me, but it has been very time consuming! Who knew cutting and pasting and re cutting and re pasting could be so complicated!? Anyways, I interviewed my parents, grandparents, older brother and sister, and my boyfriend.  I asked them to describe me in three words and to tell funny stories or memories they have with/about me.

Final Logo

So here is my final draft.  I found a new camera image that looks a little more sleek and not so cheesy.  And I thought it kind of gave a “flash” effect that was mentioned in one of my critiques without having to make a literal flash since I thought that might look cheesy.  And since it was silver I tried to apply that look to the rest of the logo. I made the “photography” silver with a gradient and lightened up the K.D shadow to make it all match a little more.  One of the critiques was to take out the periods in between the letters which I did but I just felt it looked incomplete without them.  Maybe thats the part of me that grew up with an english teacher for a mom speaking, but I added them back in. I still don’t think its exactly up to par of what I had pictured in my head but it is for sure an improvement on my first logo.

So my blog is kind of an about me, but its also about how I got to the career choices I’m at today.  Photography is the path I decided to follow for the purpose of this class, so with that I decided I should try and create a watermark for my logo.  Most freelance photographers just use their whole name, and some use initials.  I decided to use my first and last initials because it flowed a little better and had a sort of rhyming effect with the word photography at the end.  I wanted my logo to just be the words but for the purpose of this assignment I thought it should have a little more to it.  I added the clip art camera because it was simple and didn’t take away from the name too much.  The font I chose isn’t as simple but I feel that it gives the logo more of an artistic look, which is what I want since photography is art! I’m not the best at illustrator so this didn’t quite turn out the way I envisioned it, but I like the simplicity.