So my blog is kind of an about me, but its also about how I got to the career choices I’m at today.  Photography is the path I decided to follow for the purpose of this class, so with that I decided I should try and create a watermark for my logo.  Most freelance photographers just use their whole name, and some use initials.  I decided to use my first and last initials because it flowed a little better and had a sort of rhyming effect with the word photography at the end.  I wanted my logo to just be the words but for the purpose of this assignment I thought it should have a little more to it.  I added the clip art camera because it was simple and didn’t take away from the name too much.  The font I chose isn’t as simple but I feel that it gives the logo more of an artistic look, which is what I want since photography is art! I’m not the best at illustrator so this didn’t quite turn out the way I envisioned it, but I like the simplicity.